I just paid my monthly rent to my landlord the other day, which means it’s been a month since I started another chapter of my life. Lately, life has been hard a bit. Now that I’m paying a hefty amount of rent, it’s been quite a struggle when it comes to budgeting my expenses and savings. I feel like this is how it’s gonna go for the rest of my life. Work and save, I mean. It’s not like I wanna work and just play all the time, that’s not it. I’m pretty sure I’m done enjoying spending my money on some temporary happiness and useless things. I’ve been through that already. I’ve enjoyed my life accordingly. I can say that because I don’t feel like I regret anything, or missed some enjoyment in life that I should’ve experienced. This time, I want to be able to find the thing that makes me at peace. I believe happiness is not a constant thing in this world, that it’s just as quick to be taken away from a person if something ugly happens. But peace, on the other hand, it’s like it secretes this calm smart way of dealing with things from any kind of emotion a person can get. Nevertheless, I’m on a quest for that right now.

On a lighter note, work is getting interesting and busier. I have tons of paperwork piled up. I know I can do it. Also, I’ve been drinking coffee almost every day! I can’t help it now, it’s like my brain won’t function well for the day if I don’t get a sip. And it doesn’t help that it’s free in my work.

Also, last week was my last weekly YT vlogs. Right now, I’m in the middle of preparing another information video. I haven’t done that in a long time. So if there’s any topic you want me to discuss, do let me know by leaving a comment down below. It’s easier to keep track of that way than messaging me online.

Thanks for reaching this far in my post. I’m gonna go back to my day and do my best to have a productive day as I’m starting to get really sleepy in my position in bed now. I love you all.

ja ne,
gure 🍡

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  1. Hi glaire!
    I love reading your blogs! actually, i almost reach the end, ngayon lang ako nakapag comment! hehe wala lang i just want to appreciate you! You are an inspiration, sabi ko sa isip ko dapat mga ganitong tao yung sumisikat eh! anyway, thank you for being positive all the time, even though there’s a lot of probmlems and stress going on in our lives we choose to be positive in life. God bless you more glaire! keep posting! keep inspiring! keep shining! I wish i could hang out with you again! Smile ka na πŸ™‚


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