5 Things That Make Me Happy

Lately, I’ve been going on and on about how sad I am. But generally, I’m a contented person and so I get easily happy for small things in life. These are some doses of sunshine in my life right now:

1. Finding film cameras and collecting negatives

Yes, you read that right. I am into film camera since forever. My obsession has finally come into its 150% craziness. The last time I’ve used an actual film camera was back in college so that’s like 3 or 4 years back. But my latest purchase was a Holga camera that has 120 film, which I don’t really use because that kind of film is very scarce.

Instead, I’ve been using these other film cameras. Yep, I’m a camera hoarder.


All of them use a 35mm film, except for that colorful one—that’s the Holga one, so the film for the rest is pretty accessible anywhere.

Originally, I’ve only really owned three of them. But since I told you, I’ve been a total shit crazy about vintage cameras lately, I’ve been asking out my relatives and friends if they have their old film cameras. Luckily for me, I’ve hauled two film cameras from my mom’s dear friend and actually one of the cameras turned out to be my favorite of all. It’s the Yashica camera. It has a very beautiful vintage structure with the straps and everything. I’m totally in love.

My favourite. Yashica.

Here’s some negatives: flowers and creepy me

20180304-IMG_2668                20180304-IMG_2669

2. Reading a New Book: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert


If the name seems familiar to you, that’s because this book was written by the same author who wrote the book Eat, Pray, Love. This was given to me as a Christmas gift from my mom. One day, I was so bored I ended up reading it out of nowhere and it was the best random thing that I could have ever done at that point.

Kind of ashamed to say that this is my only first read for this year. I’m running way behind my targeted read books for the year. But anyway, I should say this does not disappoint me at all, and I’m just halfway from finishing it! It talks about inspirations and how it comes and goes within an individual. And that whenever that inspiration landed on you, you should immediately claim it or else, just like everything else, it doesn’t wait for you and will move on to the next person.

It’s actually the first book I’ve read that isn’t a novel or has a story behind it. I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for an inspirational book and you’re feeling a little lack of inspirational spirit.

3. Listening to Japanese Tracks

Anything Japanese related excites me. But nothing makes me feel more happy, excited, sad, and almost everything at the same time than listening to my Japanese playlist. The list just keeps adding as years passed by. It’s been a decade, I think since I first started this playlist. It never gets old, never will. It brings back the old memories, the joy, the innocence, the nostalgic feeling, the mixed emotions, all of it. Mostly, whenever I listen to this playlist, I feel like I’m being traveled back to the time when everything was simply carefree. That particular stage in my life where I would gladly choose to stay forever if I were to be given a chance.

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 7.13.06 PM


4. Happy Moments with Friends

I don’t really go out much these days, just because I don’t think anything is ever worth exerting effort really, except maybe if I were to do something for my own sake. When I sometimes get invited to hang out, I’m always hesitant at first. It’s not them but it’s just my social anxiety disorder playing a huge part in this decision. But I don’t want to seem too antisocial really because I don’t think that’s a good practice either, so I just obliged myself to at least put on decent clothes and face them.

And it always ends up pretty fantastic—me having the best time of my life with all the catching up and jokes. I would say it’s very much the same when I go watch a Filipino movie at the cinema. I always roll my eyes and tell myself that I’m not going to enjoy it but I always ended up saying oh that’s not too bad, I loved it actually. I know, I’m pretty judge-y like that.

I don’t really focus on my friends nowadays, meaning I don’t really get to spend time as much as I did before. We’re pretty busy now. With all the work schedules and my own lazy bum schedule, we just don’t find that much time to reconnect as often as we should. But at the same time, it doesn’t really change the fact that we always have fun when we get together.

5. Taking Footages and Pictures

I got my Canon G7x II with me anywhere I go, literally! I don’t really post these things a lot on my social media, just because I don’t think there’s a need for it at all. I just really do it for the keepsake. Although the thought of editing and compiling videos excites me to the bones, sometimes there’s just not enough inspiration to do it. You know what I mean? Actually, my friends sort of call me a ‘vlogger’ because I carry my camera all the time anywhere I go, but I don’t really go like talking to my cam.

It’s funny that sometimes even my mom would be like ‘where’s your cam? Aren’t you gonna vlog it?’. And I’ll be like really dumbfounded that she would say that.

I guess, it just surprises me at all that everyone noticed that I do what I do. And I’m kind of proud that I’m recognized for it. It’s something that I can surely say I love doing and it makes me freaking happy.


So yes, that would be all. Really, what could I ask for more distractions in life? Right?! I hope you enjoyed reading this. It’s been a couple of lazy days for me just staying at home and not really going anywhere. So I got all this time to make posts.

Signing off now and see you in my next post,


First Day Jitters

Back to school tomaro! Supposedly my last semester but I got to extend another so I can’t say it’s my last sem yet. 😂

First day. New classmates. New teachers. New lessons. New experiences. I’m so looking forward for this semester.

Good luck to all!

Have a good night!



It’s been a tough week for me and I’m sorry for neglecting this blog for days. Things happened. Unimaginable ones. I don’t even know how I survived each day without passing out. Half of the time I don’t even know what I’m doing. I don’t know what to do. Damn! My life has become this one big ‘I DON’T KNOW’.

I was actually tempted to post on this blog just about anything but then again! Privacy. So I’m thinking of creating another new blog. Actually, I already have one. But I won’t completely abandon this blog. I can never do that! Those that are seriously private matters will be posted on my new blog which of course is a secret.

So that’s probably all I have to say for now. Dang tired.


Rainy Morning

Rainy morning everyone! I woke up to the sound of pouring rain. 😌 One of my favorite ways of waking up.

I’d rather not share what happened last night as it would ruin the whole sentinental mood of my morning. ✋ Instead I’m looking forward for this day. Me 😇 dont have to go to the school because I don’t have a scheduled exam for today. Yay, right?!

I have to go somewhere though. I have to buy some things. I have to go to the doctor. Ermm what else? Study for my another three exams for tomorrow. That’s probably all. 😌

I just hope it’s rainy all day. I don’t mind if it’s gonna get me wet. 😁 I just love rain, don’t cha? 😍

Begin with a positive attitude today and smile at all times. You can make someone’s day with a simple smile. ⌣̈

☀️Good Vibes☀️

Holiday for today! I didn’t go with my mom because I told her I’m gonna study for the finals tomorrow. 🙊 But instead of me studying, I’m preocuppied of doing unnecessary things like reading books, writing in my diary and nonstop eating! Why now?! 😭 I have three major exams tomorrow and another three on thursday and last one on next Monday and voila! SEM BREAK! Can’t wait but first I need to study to pass my subjects specially now that I’m a graduating student. 😱 Anyway, calm down people! I still need to go the gym later. Maybe my mind will start to work if I worked out my body first. Aye aye so smart of me! 😁

I’m getting cray cray again! 🔫 Too early for me to go apeshit. 😅 SIGNING OUT!

That Fuzzy Feeling

I love drinking, don’t cha?
I’m not a drunkard! But from time to time, I drink alcohol with my family and friends. Especially when there are occasions like get together, semestral break, birthdays, school time and other days worth celebrating. Woo!

It’s no surprise that some people judge me for being this kind of girl I’ve become. But hey, I’m living a life here. It’s not like I’m drowning myself with these unhealthy fuzzy drinks everyday. Whatever.

My most awaited part, the head spin! Aaa! I just love the feeling when the room starts spinning and there’s disco light everywhere! Tho I just hate it when I’m getting spins in bed. It’s just somehow hard to fall asleep.

I’m not usually the type of person to create a post like this. But since I’m drunk and my head’s spinning, might as well as take the chance. 🙂

Drinking With Friends

I never thought I’d be doing this yesterday night.

It was Angela’s birthday and together with my best friends we celebrated at Magsaysay. We ate at Molina Grill and after that we went to K-MART to drink soju. I was with Angela, Maree, Czarinna, Pilo, and Janjo. I ordered soju and bought fruit juice to mix with while they ordered Tukbokki (Spicy Rice Cake). While waiting for our order, Angela decided to invite some of our close friends. She then told me to text Madel, Jamie and Kim. =) While waiting, we started drinking. Since I have a low tolerance in alcohol, I started to feel dizzy. I keep on going back to the C.R. thus making me feel more lightheaded. But that didn’t stop me from drinking soju. Later that time, Czarinna got picked up by her father went home.

After that, Jamie insisted we stay in her house for it would be safer for all of us. So Angela and others went to a grocery to buy some drinks while we head to Jamie’s house. I stayed there for like less than an hour and was picked up by my parents at K-MART. I was definitely trying to act sober in front of my parents especially with my mom but she caught me (trust her to know). Of course I didn’t deny the fact that I drank soju. But I’m totally in control of myself, I told them that and they trusted me(and I’m grateful for that).

So at home, my head was spinning and I took a bath to wash away my drunkenness and it did a little.

So that was another first for me. Drinking with my friends. So that’s how it is. There were other interesting things that had happened during those time that I didn’t include for I promised to keep my mouth shut. =))

Note: Never try running to C.R. while your holding your pee  and you’re DRUNK. You’ll be wishing you brought some extra pants/shorts with you. 🙂

Watch it

Just finished watching Detective Conan Movie 16. As usual, DC didn’t fail me. So far the best anime I’ve ever watch.


KYAAAAAAAAA! I can’t get enough of conan-kun. Aww! Too bad he’s taken =(

Anyways, for those of you who haven’t seen it yet

I watched it here. =) And I am currently downloading it by torrent(use the magnet link).

YAYYYYY! Gotta wait for Movie 17 next year(April)? Dunno. HHAHA

Effin Tired

I should have been in Naga today. I should have played my tennis this morning. I should have been with my friends hanging out. But instead I’m here at Ocampo. Helping my mom in our grocery. There’s so much people and its crowded in our store. I’ve been punching, loading, serving, shouting and standing all day. And it’s fun somehow but it’s tiring too.

Right now, I just sneek out of my work to rest hahaha.

I’ll be going before my mom starts to shout my name around the store and receive her gospel of the day.


It is finished!!! My exams are OVER!!! Which means………………




But I’m having an LBM lately so I’ll pass -___-

I don’t know why I am so happy.  I don’t really believe in ‘stress’ thing.  Yeah, well lately I have been saying that word too often that it just become somehow automatic whenever I’m stress out. See I’ve used that word again.

Anyways, I got plans this sem break so hopefully, I can do them. And I’d love to hang out with my friends too especially my best friends and Danee and Jen =)).

Daneeee ==> wakeboard ha!


I need a drink!

Sujo fresh!!

Kanpai! 😀

Happy sem break fellas!

Finals Countdown

This week is that time again. One week of dreadful time where I’m stuck in my room and having my “studying” session. That’s right! FINALS WEEK. *drum rolling* *rolling my eyes*

Monday – Physical Science (open notes but it’s just too damn complicated)

Tuesday – Philosophy and Humanities (essay! I guess it’ll be easy as pie)

Wednesday – None

Thursday –  Computer Concept  (easy as pie )

Friday – History and Environmental Science (seriously?)

Saturday – Accounting (my major!) *shoot me*

I am procrastinating again! Like right now, instead of studying here I am, writing this post.

Anyways, I am so excited at the same time nervous. I’m nervous for my grade because as I’ve said, I’ve been lax this semester. But whatever! Sem break! OMG! Just thinking of it makes me soooo happy. Finally, no books and assignments for 3 weeks =))). Thank God!

I’m planning to resume playing tennis this sem break and do some stuff. =) I have so much plan for this sem break. AAAAAAAAAAAH! I can’t contain my excitement anymoreeeeee!

Gotta go and “study” !



For your reference:

“Studying session” means 95% of my time I’m reading Fifty Shades, nonstop eating, watching movies and sleeping while the other 5% I’m spacing out.