Tired But Never Been Happier

Hiya! So yeah I just got home from my school and I’m so tired. And right now, I’m in my bed lying down with my feet elevated under the pillow.

This morning, I found out that I’ll be going out of the country with my dad. While we’re busy in the living room, he motioned me toward him saying that he’s got something to give. He pulled out bond papers which have those familiar airplaine symbol and yeah I got it! Airplaine tickets(that are printed in A4 papers). As much as possible though, I don’t get myself too excited. I might jinx it, if you know what I mean.

In the afternoon, I had my 1:30-4:30 straight make-up class. It’s not that boring so I survived it. Haha.

And my favorite part of the day….I played tennis with my friend, Michael. It was actually my first time to used the school’s court. It was awkward at first because students and teachers were paasing but we managed to shrug it off. Funny thing though was, we weren’t actually ‘playing’. We kept missing each ball that we had to picked it up all the time. We both end up tired from picking all those balls. It was fun and I hope we can play again next time.

What a day. Totally unexpected.

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