Liebster Award


I woke up this morning learning that I have been nominated for Liebster Award. Yay!! My first ever blog award. I’d like to give special thanks Megan for nominating me. You rock, Megan.  🙂

The ‘Liebster Award’ is an award which can be given to bloggers with under 200 followers so get them in contact with other bloggers and know in the blogging community. After completing this post, I will be informing those who I wish to nominate for this award, so the rules will be posted below for everyone to see.


•List 11 facts about yourself
•Answer 11 questions that’s given by the one who nominated you.
•Create 11 new questions
•List some bloggers under the 200 followers and tag them in your post and let them know!

11 Random facts about me

1. I don’t like burgers and I’m not into fries that much. *nose scrunch*

2. My lucky numbers are two and thirteen. Two, just because I like it. ^^ Thirteen, because it’s my birth date.

3. I’m a big collector of little cute post-it. Especially those with vintage design.

4. Beef jerky! I could be thrown far far away in a land of nowhere and still survive. Just give me a handful of those please.

5. I’d like to think I’m good at playing Sudoku and Rubix cube. 🙂 Math geek, eh? Not really 😉

6. I have a thing for musicians. I like a guy who could play a guitar. Ghaad. Just thinking about it gives me the chills.

7. I’m quite an independent woman in a sense that I wouldn’t give a fudge just because I’m by myself watching a movie or to strolling in a mall or whatever. But still, having company is much better and I prefer having someone with me as much as possible.

8. I can’t cook. I just can’t, damnit!

9. Wanderlust, my personal favorite. I could spend my whole life wandering and meandering aimlessly. I love traveling and all that screams ADVENTURE!

10. I love anything that’s vintage.

11. I love water in general. I prefer rain so much than the sun. I’m a beach rather than a swimming pool person. I love going in the middle of the ocean with nothing but a swimming goggles.

My Answers to Liv’s Question

1. Do you have a hidden talent?

Yep. I can do the aging voice. Haha. I know it’s not much but I’m proud of it because my family can’t. Lol. A lot of people got fooled by my talent too. Funny times.

2. What’s your favorite quote?

Everything happens for a reason. As cliche as it sounds, this one is a lot deeper than one can think.

3. What do like doing besides blogging?

I seldom blog so these are the things that I usually do. Listening to music, writing diary, running, watching movies, reading books, playing with my baby sis, chatting, tumblring, imagining, and sleeping during afternoons.

4. What is your dream job?

I don’t have a dream job now. But I had before. I wanted to be a dentist when I was a kid. After that, I dreamt of being a flight attendant so that I could be everywhere else. And lastly, when I was in highschool, I was contemplating to be a volunteer (peace corps, united nation or even locally).

5. What is your favorite TV program?

A South Korean game show called Running Man. Funny as shit. Watch it. 🙂

6. What is your favorite chocolate?

*nose scrunch* at the sight of the word chocolate. 🙂 I have nothing against it, it’s just not my thing. Vanilla for me is.

7. What is the weirdest/most random piece of trivia you know?

Idk any. Help me?

8. Is there any TV shows you want to start watching? If so what?

Yes please! NCSI, Suits, Law and Order, New girl, Sherlock, Friends. Too many for my little luxury time. 😦

9. What are you meant to be doing right now?

Eat my lunch. I’m starting to feel hungry but I’m all alone so maybe I’ll just leave it at that.

10. What’s your dream bedroom look like?

Uggh. Too bad I can’t show you the pic. It’s on my other pc. Anyway, I just want a small room with an open balcony so that I can use it for my telescope for stargazing. One of the things I love is stargazing 🙂 which brings me to rooftops. I want a room with an access to the attic by a ladder or anything and up in the attic I can go open an installed window and feel the night air! 🙂

11. What is your favourite thing about blogging?

I’m a sentimental person and I’d like to keep things and memories through whatever means. Blogging for me is like a diary, instead it’s online and other people have access to it. It also helps me express my emotion that only blog can satisfy. 😉

Questions for my nominees

Are ya ready all?

1. Can you describe yourself in one word?
2. What are you most grateful for?
3. Do you have a pet?
4. What’s your favorite book? Why?
5. What are the five items you can’t live without?
6. Would you rather run 20 miles or swim 5 miles?
7. Do you collect anything?
8. When I say ‘childhood’ where does your mind take you?
9. Are you a negative or a positive person?
10. What is one thing that you dislike about you?
11. Who’s your top 3 fave actresses?

And my Nominees

Last Rain Drop

My Heart Beats For Love

Ramblings From The HEART

The Little Things

My Red Shades

From Here to Nowhere

Diary of A Tigh-Lipped Girl


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