Hurdle Number 1 in 2018

My first hurdle of the year came this morning at my email. I was removed from the online job that I was with since last December. It’s funny because today marks the first month that I’d be working with them. I emailed them for a dispute, of course. I wanted to fight, at least, if they were to throw me out of their team. But if after that still nada, then that’s fine. It happens for a reason. Although, this morning I was really feeling blue and a bit angry. But then, I shared the news with my mom and she just know what to say. She makes everything so easy. It’s as if everything she says make sense. It’s absolutely amazing how she can do that.

Anyway, I’m currently at a cafe. Just by myself. Yep. I’ve always wanted to do this! Alone in a secluded cafe with my laptop and diary at the side table sipping coffee and eating cake. Gosh but damn that’s expensive. AHHAHAH. So yes, here I am and literally only the person in the cafe. The reason being is that I needed to download an application and the internet back home is just not helping me get that. To my dismay though, it seems like the internet in this cafe is slower than my grandma. I can’t. I’m happy that I finally did the be-in-a-secluded-cafe but come on, man, I came with a purpose. Good thing, dad called and said the electricity’s back at his place. I guess, it’s time so say good bye to this cute-but-has-shitty-internet cafe. Ciao.


3 thoughts on “Hurdle Number 1 in 2018

    1. Yes! But ☝🏻it’s all fine now! Angel—true to her name, was angelic enough to give me a second chance hahaha! I mean, I really think I did a good job! Self praise, I know. But she based my removal from my recent scores which were a couple of 1’s. I had my bad moments, okay! Huuhu! Haha what a funny incident. I told myself I’d be ready the next time she remove me for good. Haha! But anyway, a lot of improvements on our platform, eh? Even the rate went up. So cool.


      1. Awww that’s great! Yeah Miss Angel is truly nice~ You can do it Glaire! I believe in you! I know! We got new accounts and it’s cool!


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